Goodness, gracious!

Once again, the pages were heavily delayed by much madness and tomfoolery. I got a hamster, my birthday passed, and Aura and I saw Styx live! They’re the band responsible for such classics as Come Sleaze Away, Too Much Time in My Pants, Crystal Ban, The Ban Illusion, Suite Madame Ban, Red Collar Ban, and – wait a minute, these don’t sound right at all!

But as you can see, the pages are at last up, and we can finally get a move on with the final scenes. This is unfortunately your last chance to see Santa Quax, so get your giggles out while he’s here. Though I promise, he shall return with increasingly incredible outfits as the chapters go on.

Here’s some last minute fun before we get too deep into the Christmas season:


~ Lady Ustrina



Happy Halloween, my Quaxlings~!


We’ll start this post off with some excellent new Halloween art from the one and only Aura~! Your favourite harem group of characters returns as the cast of Rosario+Vampire! Here’s a link to it on Deviant Art. Katie’s the only one who can get away with wearing the same outfit as me~! Although, I must admit being quite envious of Hailey’s this time around…

I hope everyone had a splendid Halloween~! I, for one, had a VERY difficult time choosing my costume. The new Cinderella movie was quite inspiring, as was Jem and the Holograms… ohhhh… But it seems all the tulle and glitter and LEDs in the word still wasn’t enough to make Evanite love me… And what kind of costume was that, Evanite? Your Foedus coat? You didn’t even have the decency to go as a DIFFERENT henchman? Hmpf!

Oh, and I’m going to spoil you further~! Sessie has also gifted us with some Halloween art. :3

halloween-aura halloween-ustrina

So cute, but they’ll drive you batty. 😉

~ Lord Quaximus


Moon Christmas Power, wraaaaaaaap… up!

christmasoutfitsTHIS BATTLE IS FINALLY COMING TO AN END. I’m so tired of drawing their Christmas outfits, hahahahaha. Of course, I did this to myself, so I only have myself to blame, but siiiiiigh. The scanner can’t handle this much red!

Just one little chat with Avaritia, and we can finally get on with the Quaxmas party and more Santa Quax goodness. And the winner of Katie’s Christmas Cheer contest will be revealed… More ridiculous outfits and scenarios to come! Wouldn’t it be nice if this chapter were finished in time for Christmas…? Unfortunately, this is very unlikely…

But until then, enjoy these pages. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them a bit more quickly now that a lot of my sewing is out of the way!

~ Lady Ustrina


I’ll have a blueeee Christmas without youuuuuu~!

20150719_152738Oh goodness, how long has it been since naughty naughty NAUGHTY Ustrina posted something for you? I mean, YES, she did have to move into a wild household with Aura and a boy with a penchant for dressing as a banana, acquire a second job, and attend several photo shoots… But Ustriiiiiiina! You’re forgetting about meeeeeee!

At least I got to go shopping in Paris. What do you think of this enchanting coat I brought back? I’ve imbued it with the power… of glitter!

I really need to start wearing more pink. SOMEONE has to make up for Evan’s very monochromatic wardrobe, and quite frankly, my Santa look just isn’t doing it for me. Red has never been my colour (but of course, I can still pull it off better than most), and paired with so much grey and black…. 😦 I KNEW I should have been pink Santa… ohhhhh~!

~ Lord Quaximus Mentimus


The City of Light and Shopping Sites~!


What’s going on? Why has it been so long since the last update? Why is Ustrina being a big party pooper?!!

Also why does she have perfectly good mistletoe in her hair when she’s not going to use it to kiss every boy in the near vicinity (including me~!) (and except for Ban, heeeee’s miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!)?!

*clears throat prettily*

Anyways, I’m hear to inform you that Ustrina was on a trip to PARIS TO VISIT MEEEE~! Ohhh, and what good times we had… Shoe shopping, fancy dining, making Evanite stand in line for all the events while we had champagne just down the street… I still don’t understand why he was too tired to climb all the way up the Eiffel Tower! What a lame-o!

Oh, and Ustrina also went to Stockholm. Being so young, she is still developing Good Taste and said that she actually preferred Stockholm to Paris! NEVER~!

I much prefer Stalkban. Ooh hoo hoo~!genderbender

That’s IT! When I get back to Foedus tonight, I’m going to arrange for the creation of my very own Quaris~! With a Queiffel Tower and the Quouvre. Ooh. That doesn’t QUITE roll off the tongue. But never mind that – treat your tongue to some quacarons!

Au revoir~!

~ Lord Quaximus


P.S. Found this picture of Marik and Bakura… Evaniiiiite, when are people going to start spamming us with gender bender QxE art?! 😦